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New Release Tour: A Nightmare Come True (Nightmares 1) by @SageMarlowe #MM #PNR @ServicesbyNic

Dreams can come true—but sometimes nightmares are very real, too. 

When Michael—Mikey—Fawkes bags himself a job as a handyman for a film production company and meets his favourite actor, gay porn star Colin Meighan, he believes his dream has come true. Colin indeed appears to be a dream turned to flesh. Handsome, young and as insatiable sexually as the roles he plays suggest, he makes his way into Mikey’s bed and introduces him to unknown carnal pleasures. 

A slick lover and sweet talker, Colin also finds a place in Mikey’s heart, but as Mikey lets his new lover lure him deeper and deeper into a world of decadent on and off-screen sex, their indulgences begin to take their toll on Mikey. Curious to find out more about the strange and inexplicable effect Colin has on his sex partners, Mikey discovers that there is a terrible reason why one man alone can never be enough to satisfy Colin’s hunger and he realises that dreams can come true—but sometimes nightmares are very real, too. 

Reader advisory: This is the first book in a series with an ongoing story arc. It is best enjoyed as part of the series in order of release. Contains mild BDSM, M/M/M/M/M sex and MCs that have sex with secondary characters. Revised edition. 

Excerpts: A Nightmare Come True (Nightmares 1) by Sage Marlowe
Copyright © Sage Marlowe, 2013/2016

Excerpt ~ Becoming a Porn Star
The sense of approaching doom vanished eventually, but the next time I was in the same room as Colin Meighan, it returned, stronger than before. It was exactly four weeks later and I’d just finished helping Yannick set up the screens when Colin entered. Bizarrely, I didn’t even have to see him to know he was in the room. I felt his presence as strongly as if he’d touched me.
“Hi, Pete, ready to roll?” he asked and the sound of his voice behind me didn’t surprise me. I didn’t turn my head to look, just diverted a small portion of my attention to him while I continued with my work.
Peter laughed. “Sure, always. Good to see you, Col. Hope you’ve taken some vitamins. I’ve got big plans for you today.”
“Big plans, huh? What’s on the list?”
“Andy, Jackson, Ben and Big D,” Pete answered.
“Ah, right, you said it was a multiple partner thing.” Colin didn’t sound concerned.
“Yes, and you’re going to bottom for all of them, so make sure you’re prepared.”
Colin chuckled. “Aren’t I always? But yeah, you’re right. I’m off to take a shower.”
I’d resisted the urge to sneak a peek, but I had to move one of the flashlights and from where I stood now, it was impossible not to see him. Colin took off his jeans and I held my breath. He was naked underneath, and shaved—completely, from what I could see. I couldn’t stop staring at him even though I’d seen it all before so many times. He was in perfect shape. Average in height, his slender frame was equipped with lean but well-toned muscles. I couldn’t wait to see more of him. Well, actually I would’ve loved to be the one who didn’t just look but also touched, but he was right. He was so far out of my league that I couldn’t understand what had possessed me to ask him out for coffee.
“Oi, kiddo, mind where you point that light!” Peter’s voice yanked me out of my daydream. Colin shot me a wink over his shoulder on his way to the shower. The bastard was grinning from ear to ear. Turning my back on him, I glanced at Peter. “Sorry.” I was spared further apologies when his phone rang and he left me standing to take his call. I couldn’t understand what he was talking about and minded my own business, which consisted of arranging five reluctant flashlights and making sure that the cables didn’t trip anyone up.
When Peter joined me a good ten minutes later, he didn’t look happy. “Move that bench farther to the middle, will you? And put the lube within easy reach, the guys are gonna need it,” he instructed.
“Sure,” I confirmed and went to fetch the four pots of lube from the table at the end of the room. I’d never seen those before. They looked like serious stuff, nothing like the smaller, see-through tubes I bought.
 “Heavy duty lube,” Colin said right next to me. I hadn’t heard him approach and whatever had made me pick up his vibes earlier didn’t seem to work anymore either. He looked perfectly tempting in a lush white bathrobe, a mischievous smirk on his lips as he watched me pick up the containers.
“Uh, right. Of course,” I muttered, aware that I must have come across as a blushing virgin, then I carried the four tubs back to the corner of the room where I put them in the places I hoped would be within easy reach. I had no idea how all those men were supposed to do it in that confined space, but I figured that most of the action would happen on the bench.
Peter had waved Colin over as soon as he’d seen him and the two of them talked in low voices. I was distracted by the arrival of three more men, who joked and laughed like best pals. I felt like I’d died and gone to heaven. They were all handsome. Different types, but well above average-looking and they started shedding their clothes virtually the moment they entered. Peter looked across to them. “Hey, aren’t you a bit impatient?” he called.
“Well, yeah,” one of them, a bulky, bearded leather-daddy type with jet black hair and the most amazing, bright turquoise eyes hollered back. “Been hard for Colin’s ass all morning!” His deep voice was a lazy American drawl. Reaching down, he waved his massive erection to prove his point. “Can’t wait to give the boy a pounding.”
“Ah, Big D,” Colin said, a sexy come-hither smile playing on his lips. “Great to see you. My arse has been itching for you ever since Pete told me you were in this.”
 “Good. Gonna make you scream again, baby.”
Colin smirked. “I’m sure you are.”
“Come here, give us a kiss,” a tall and elegant blond who’d lingered in the background said as he walked up to Colin. He put a hand around the back of his head and pressed a firm kiss on his mouth then he reached down and brushed Colin’s groin with the backs of his fingers. “Not all that happy to see us, huh?”
“Oh, I am. Just trying to keep my cool so I’ll last long enough.”
“Guys, please.” Peter sighed. “Can we at least do a briefing before you jump each other’s bones? Just so you know who’s going to jump what bones exactly.”
Four pairs of eyes were turned to him expectantly and he grinned. “Well, quite simple, actually. Col is the horny slut who gets fucked by all of you. Do as you please, but I want at least one scene where Jackson and Ben fuck him while Big D and Andy take turns fucking his mouth.”
The third man, a tall, dark-skinned hunk, cleared his throat. “Um, Pete. About Andy… If you’re talking of Andy Sjoverg, I don’t think he’s gonna turn up today.”
Pete frowned. “Why not?”
“Got caught last night with some coke. And I’m not talking soft drinks.”
“Shit.” Pete groaned. “Bloody idiot. How many times have I told him to keep his fingers off that crap but no, stupid bastard wouldn’t listen.”
“Sorry, mate.”
“Not your fault, Jackson. But that busts my scene and pretty much the entire group fuck premise I had in mind. It wasn’t much of a gangbang anyway with only four tops involved but three?” Pete sighed and shook his head. “Not gonna work.”
“Don’t you have back-up?” Jackson asked.
“I did, but not anymore. Max Austin just called. Apparently he’s been under the weather for a while and has to take a time out.” His gaze trailed to Colin and for a split second, there was silent accusation in his eyes.
Colin pouted. “Well, bugger. And I was so looking forward to a thorough pounding.”
“So was I.” Pete rubbed his forehead. “Well, it can’t be helped. It’s just the four of you then, because I sure as hell ain’t gonna waste a day of filming. Go get yourselves ready, guys. We’ll start as soon as the boys have everything set up and…” Suddenly he narrowed his eyes and looked across the room, meeting my gaze. “Hm, maybe…” He flashed a quick smile, turned to Colin and said, “Why don’t I recruit someone new?”
Pete pointed at me with his thumb. “He’s cute, you said so yourself. Pretty face and he knows how to hold a tool. I’m sure he’s got a decent body underneath those clothes, too.”
My face, pretty or not, heated up as if flame-torched.
“Him?” Colin sounded more than a tad sceptical.
“Why not? He looks like he could give your arse a good drilling. Kid’s drooling already anyway, so we might as well let him in on the fun.”
Colin glanced at me. His expression was cold and fairly hostile. “An amateur? Are you kidding?”
“Not at all. Oi!” Pete called and set off in my direction. “What do you think? Wanna fuck Colin?”
I squirmed and more flaming heat shot into my cheeks as I remembered how my last encounter with Colin had ended.

Sage Marlowe
Flavours of gay erotic fiction

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