Wednesday, November 2, 2016

#99cents New Release Dark Whispers by @MelanieTomlin and others #PNR #Shifters #Romance

Dark Whispers: 
Thirteen Paranormal Romances with Seductive Vampires, Sexy Shifters, Dominating Witches, & Wicked Things That Hide In The Shadows

S.E. Babin  (Author), Eileen Cruz Coleman  (Author), K. De Long (Author), Josie Jax(Author), Joanne Wadsworth  (Author), Megan J. Parker  (Author), Decadent Kane (Author), Mary Hughes  (Author), K.N. Lee  (Author), Shelley Munro  (Author), Tasha Gwartney (Author), Melanie Tomlin  (Author), Nicole Morgan  (Author)

This set also includes: 
Angel's Kiss
by Melanie Tomlin
Urban / dark fantasy


With a mob contract on her head, Helena has kept a low profile, trying to survive by living off the streets. Numb with cold and near starvation, she awaits death in an abandoned house, and gets more than she bargained for, in the form of a vampire.

When an angel — Danizriel — arrives on the scene, he is puzzled to find Helena still alive and the vampire dead. Intrigued, he shelters her and together they discover that she has become something neither of them expected.

Their growing attraction is soon threatened when news of Helena's unnatural abilities quickly spreads. She becomes the target of a deadly hunt by vampires and Danizriel is placed in an impossible situation when he is told he must kill her.

With overwhelming forces closing in, Helena and Danizriel face death from all directions. Who will live and who will die?

SHORT EXCERPT - (Note: Angel's Kiss is written in Australian English):
  I saw a shape move in the light, and a hand rested on my chest, over my heart, and another on my forehead. I was flooded with warmth, bliss and peace. Never had I tasted such ecstasy in my life. I knew this angel was setting me free.
  I heard a gasp, and through his hands I felt his body stiffen, then convulse, as if in the grip of a seizure. When at last it was finished, he fell to the floor, breathing raggedly. I opened my eyes. The room was near dark again, but I was not dead. The blinding light had been replaced with a few weak rays of sunshine piercing through the gloom between the boards covering the window. Dust motes floated lazily to settle once more on the floor. I could see my angel was nothing more than a man — just a man, like all those who had come before him, with promises and lies.
  I scrambled backwards to the corner of the room, and as my eyes adjusted to the light I could see two shapes. One lying still on the floor and the other half-sitting, shaking his head and taking heaving breaths of air.
  “Get away from me,” I warned. “I have a knife.”
  “No you don’t,” the stranger replied with self-assurance. “If you did, you would have used it on him.” He pointed to the body on the floor.
  He stood up and brushed himself off, before taking a few steps towards me. I pulled my knees up to my chest and hugged my legs, making myself as small as possible.
  “Forgive me, how rude,” the stranger said.
  He stopped a couple of metres away from me, wiped one hand on his coat and extended it towards me.
  “My name is Danny. And you are?”
  “None of your business,” I spat back at him.
  I knew his type, only after one thing.
  “Indeed, it is my business. Light,” he murmured, and the incandescent bulb in the ceiling cast an eerie glow across the room.
  How did he do that?
  Danny gave me a half-smile and pointed to the ceiling. “I bet you’re wondering how I did that.”


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