Thursday, September 25, 2014

The third book in the Bittersweet Series by J.L. Beck is now LIVE on Amazon!!

---ITS LIVE---
The third book in the Bittersweet Series by J.L. Beck is now LIVE on Amazon. Get your copy now!!!

Warning from Author: This isn't your typical romance story. This book contains strong sex scenes, lots of bad language and things that might not be suitable for all readers. Reading this novella may cause uncontrollable heartache, loss of voice, and damage to ones reading device. Proceed with caution, for you have been warned.

This is book one of Corey and Mimi's story with the second book releasing in November. What happens when fire meets gasoline? That’s all it took was a spark. One kiss and I was hooked. I wanted to hate Corey Winchester more than anything and most days I did. He was an arrogant asshole, and bully. He didn't know the first thing about love but yet here I was falling into his lap. Then things changed. I changed. Someone broke me, and he was there to pick up the pieces showing me a part of him I had never seen. Compassion, trust, and love. I wanted to hate him, with everything in me I wanted to look at him and feel nothing but I guess love and hate can’t coincide together. What happens when you think you know someone? Like really know them? Turns out we didn't know each other as well as we thought. Turns out if you play with fire for too long you, you will in fact get burned. My names Mimi Jones and this isn't a fairy tale.

"This book is filled with love, hurt, anger, humor, and much more. J.L. Beck is an EXTREMELY talented writer, and I love how her books have this attitude to them (in a good way). She is able to create this story that sticks with you for suuuuuuuccchhh a long time and actually make you like it whether you want to or not."

"Miss Beck has a way to spin a story and take us back to our younger years and to me it all on par. Sometimes authors have a tendency to make things unrealistic, it doesn't make anything bad, just not real. Not Miss Beck, she is just amazing on how to does the story and her characters. She really makes us have a love/hate relationship with them and you cant help but just be so torn. LOVE IT!"

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