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BOOK TOUR: Sexy to Go Volume 1

Sexy to Go – Volume 1

Sizzling short stories from top-selling authors

Sample romance in all its flavors in Sexy to Go. From paranormal to contemporary, you’ll find your fix here. Look for a brand new collection every month.


By Leigh Ellwood

Hello, Leigh Ellwood here, and I’m thrilled to be part of the Sexy To Go authors. My contribution to the first box set is an extension of a short written for last year's Sci Spanks event. Skin is a futuristic romp with spanking elements, MF pairing and happy for now ending. No cliffhanger, though the ending might seem left open for future romps. To be honest I won't rule it out. I had written Skin specifically for the Sci Spanks thing and never intended to revisit it, but when Eva Lefoy offered to bring authors together for regular releases of these collections I revisited the story and realized one could have more fun with it. I have ideas set for future Sexy To Go volumes, and I wouldn't mind another trip with Andromeda and her DILF of a Captain.

HOT Excerpt:

“Drommie,” he breathed out when he broke free, “seeing you suspended from that bar, practically naked and vulnerable…I’d never become so aroused. I knew the gravity of the situation, but all I could think about was getting you back to my quarters and…”

“It’s okay. I want you to.” Drommie touched his cheek, and brushed one fingertip across his bottom lip. He followed the movement and nipped her before taking her hand and kissing her palm. Beneath her, his erection throbbed and the pressure against the skin rippled through her. The fabric tightened over her pussy and ass, and she imagined one sudden move would encourage an orgasm.

He said nothing, but stood up from the sofa with her in his arms. They kissed all the way to his bed, where he laid her in the middle before shedding his clothes. Drommie watched in awed silence—he didn’t tease her, but removed everything with careful actions, folding his tunic and pants on the stand beside them. For an older man he cut an impressive figure with his broad chest and thick cock, which he rubbed for a moment to maintain its rigidity.

“Spread your legs. I want to show you something.” The mattress sagged with his added weight and when she did as told he crouched between her thighs. He pursed his lips over her mound and his tongue glided across her pussy lips and clit in a gentle motion that, aided by the skin, increased her pleasure and drove her to the edge of orgasm. He looked up with a playful rise of his eyebrows, knowing to expect a total fall into bliss with one more lick. He didn’t disappoint.

Drommie writhed and keened, riding out the climax with the bed sheets tight in her fists. Ezra rested his cheek on her thigh and his warm breath magnified her ache for more. “I want to eat you without the skin,” he whispered, “and taste you completely.”

She was ready to rip the damn thing off. Super orgasms be damned, she wanted his cock inside her now.

More about Sexy to Go:

Each Sexy To Go collection will feature any number of authors. Some may appear in every set, some may take a month off to regroup and write more. Luckily I do have some content to go for a while and I am chiseling away at other projects. I like the idea of a regular series like Sexy To Go because it puts focus on a deadline to meet, a challenge to conquer. A few months I was a bit down, but when I work I don't have time to let the blues drag me. My next story, “An Arresting Development,” is an MM contemporary and ready to go for Volume 2.

If you’d like to read my other stories, visit my site at or follow me on Twitter @LeighEllwood. Once in a while I pimp a story and announce a sale, and I’d love to hear from you there.

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