Friday, June 12, 2015

Royal Partnerships (The Road to Hell #4) by Gracen Miller

25547883It’s good to be the Queen…

Having ascended the throne of Hell, Madison Wescott is finally able to breathe a sigh of relief. Though she has embraced her demonic nature, she has ensured the safety of everyone she loves. With both Micah and Nix at her side, she wields more power than she could have ever imagined.

But not even the throne is safe when you rule in Hell.

In the wake of a failed assassination attempt, Madison learns about a realm of the damned older than Hell itself. A fierce and powerful incubus vows to escape his imprisonment there — and his efforts are weakening the bonds that hold him and countless other monsters at bay. With no plan and nowhere else to turn, Madison contacts an unlikely source for help. But whose side is he really on? Will he help preserve her reign, or bring about Hell’s downfall?

Choose your partnerships carefully…

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I have been a huge fan of Gracen's from the beginning and have had the pleasure of following along as the Road to Hell Series has came to pass. I couldn't wait to find out what happened in the latest addition and as expected I was not disappointed! Maybe one day she'll write a book I can put down, but until then I'll enjoy every chapter I can get!

Pandora's Box:  Madison Wescott believes herself a single mother to a troubled son after her husband disappears. Suddenly she finds both her and her son, Amos, thrown into a world she didn't know existed with no faith left in God and proof of demon in her blood. Luckily Phoenix Birmingham would move heaven and hell to keep them safe.

Hell's Phoenix:  The Ark of Heaven, Phoenix Birmingham, is willing to go to hell to save Madison, although I think it's only fair given that she's willing to open Pandora's Box to save him from Hell. But while Nix is there and with her demonic husband Micah, after what they believe to be Mads' death, things get a bit interesting... and intimate.

Genesis Queen:  Madison and Amos are once again in danger, only this time the two most important men in their lives, Nix and Micah, both want to keep them safe almost as much as they want Madison. Madison desires both men just as much, if not more than they want her.

Royal Partnerships :
Madison has settled into life as queen quite well. The men in her life continue to prove just how lucky she is to have them, she's stronger, happier, and more satisfied than ever, and she proves she's not lost her knack for defiance. But Madison soon discovers an evil older than hell, and of course it wants Mads for it's own.

With Nix and Micah both at her side and in her bed, Mads once again fights for her family, while finding time to keep things as hot as hell in the bedroom, and hoping to end up on top! 

Gracen's storylines are always steamy and intriguing. I find I can't wait to see what happens next, both in and out of the bedroom. No matter if it's a plot twist or a sex scene it's gonna deliver while leaving you wanting more!

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