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Book Tour: Trusting Love Again @starla_kaye #ContemporaryRomance #Abuse #Healing @BlackVelvetSeductions

Book Title: Trusting Love Again
Publisher: Black Velvet Seductions
Date Published: November 8, 2015
ISBN: 2940156674237
ASIN: B017RNS888
Genre: Contemporary romance
Heat Rating: 3
Page Count:  99

All she wants is to start over, live a peaceful life…

After an abusive marriage and an ugly divorce, Toni needs to rebuild her self-confidence and start a new life in her hometown. Going home again and confronting people she’d hurt when she’d left is never easy. She’d hung onto the idea of buying a long-abandoned old house and remodeling it to help her recover. But a man from her past has recently purchased it for his business. That’s her emotional breaking point and she does something reckless. Now she must pay the legal consequences of her foolish actions…by working for him.

All he wants is to focus on his work…

Chad’s job as a lawyer working to protect the rights of the abused elderly consumes his time and energy. It cost him his marriage and an aborted child he hadn’t known about. Now he works harder, guards his bruised heart. Yet the return of someone he’d held secret feelings for comes back to town. She upsets his world, starting with minor destruction of his business property and causing him minor injury. He shouldn’t become involved in helping this troubled woman, yet he can’t keep from doing so.

Two heart-damaged people have trouble trusting love again.


Name: Antoinette “Toni” Thornton
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Profession: I didn’t work during my previous marriage because he wanted me to do whatever he thought important in the community. But after moving back to my hometown following the divorce, I worked as an office assistant in Chad’s law office for a short time, per court order.
Do you have any special skills or training? I had two years of college before marrying and wasn’t allowed to finish a degree by my controlling ex-husband. I do have several years of experience heading social committees. Now I’m trying to develop workable skills.
How would you describe yourself? I’m a normal person in training. After making the mistake of my life by marrying the absolute wrong man, I lost my self-confidence and independence. With time and patience of those around me, I am finding out “who” I really am again.
Who is your significant other(s)? My horrible ex-husband, Stanley Beaton was…well, horrible. Now I’m learning to trust and love someone else, Chad Anderson.
How would they describe you? Chad knew me before I ran off to marry idiot Stanley and he was gravely disappointed in me at the time. When I first ran into him again, I did something really stupid…a reaction. He thought I was pretty much nuts then. But he’s there for me now, tries hard to understand me and support me.
Tell us about your family. My family has been disappointed in me for a long time, after I went against their advice and ran off with Stanley. It was hard on them in the community since my father is the pastor of a key church there, and the great-great-grandson of the town’s founding father. My mother was hurt by my not communicating with them during my marriage, but Stanley mind-controlled me for too long. Now my parents and older brother are working hard to support me however they can.
What do you think was left unsettled in your story? I don’t think anything was left unsettled. Chad, my family, and the community helped me to trust again, to love again. Although, I suppose, I will always worry about Stanley going off the deep end again one day and trying to hurt me.
If you could change anything about your story what would it be? I’m not sure I would change anything. I know the romantic relationship between Chad and myself developed slowly, but we both had “baggage” to deal with.

Starla Kaye wears many hats professionally and as a writer. She is the community coordinator for a Midwestern accounting firm, a gerontologist who volunteers with an active group of senior adults, a mentor/teacher of writing, and a multi-published author. She dabbles in writing romances of many sub-genres: contemporary, historical Western, medieval, sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, and Regency. To date she has published 20 novels, 39 novellas, 8 anthologies, 18 short stories, and 3 audio books. You can learn more about her work at





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