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The Sheriff Meets His Match by Jacquie Biggar (Wounded Hearts 4) @jacqbiggar #Contemporary #RomanticSuspense

Jack Garrett has been stung by love in the past so he's not in a hurry to get burnt again, but he can't deny his attraction to the new receptionist, Laurel Thomas.

When trouble comes to Tidal Falls, Jack worries that Laurel is in over her head.

Laurel loves her dysfunctional family but dreams of a place to call home. Just as she settles into a new life, her old one catches up to her and delivers chaos to the town.

Can these two strong personalities find a way to trust in each other and find their happy ever after?

Name: Jack Garrett

Gender: Male

Age: Thirty-eight

Profession: Sheriff of my hometown, Tidal Falls, Washington.

Do you have any special skills or training? Like busting balls? Yeah, I can do that.

How would you describe yourself? As the guy who has it all.

Who is your significant other(s)? (Shuffles feet, squirms a little) I recently asked the woman of my dreams to become my wife, and amazingly enough she agreed.

How would they describe you? Boring? Hell, I don’t know. I’d hope they would say something like honest and trustworthy—a good guy to have watching your back.

Tell us about your family. (Leans to one side, reaches into his back pocket and draws out a wallet. As string of pictures drop down, from a baby all the way to a pretty, teenage girl.) This is my daughter, Tina. She’s amazing, smart as a whip, musical, funny, beautiful. (Pauses). She’s everything to me, you know?
(Gathers everything back and replaces his wallet. Clears his throat.) Then there’s my parents, along with aunt's uncles, and cousin's all living in Tidal Falls. My sisters are Ashley (a lawyer) and Bernadette (we call her Bear) (a Phycologist). I also have a younger brother, Ty. The two of us never got along but that’s changed in the past year or so, ever since his old girlfriend, Katy, came home. (winks)

What do you think was left unsettled in your story? I’ve been working a couple of cases—to find my brother’s kid who was given up for adoption years ago and a missing DEA agent that disappeared on my watch, I don’t like that.

If you could change anything about your story what would it be? I wish Laurel would’ve trusted me sooner, maybe I could have stopped her uncle before he broke the law.

From the time Jacquie was twelve years old, she knew she wanted to be a writer. That year she wrote a short story called Count Daffodil after spending countless hours searching for ideas. The story garnered Jacquie an A and was read aloud through the school's loudspeaker system. Needless to say, after that she was hooked.

Jacquie grew up, got married, raised a family and left her writing urges to simmer in the background unattended. 

She owned and operated a successful diner in her hometown for a number of wonderful years before deciding to live her dream of becoming an author.
Jacquie's first book, Tidal Falls, a romantic suspense novel about second chances, released September of 2014.

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