Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 2 Prize Spartan Heart Part 1 PDF by Kristine Cheney!!

Day 2  of our giveaway is going to feature Kristine Cheney and Spartan Heart Part 1!

To enter please answer the question below in the comments section under this post and go to Kristine Cheney's author page at!/AuthorKristineCheney and thank her for supporting All my Book finds, be sure to tag us in the post please :)  I know some tags aren't working though so I'm checking pages to verify entries don't panic if it doesn't, just please remember to thank her :)
Be sure to check out Kristine's other sites also at,!/KristineCheney!/spartanhrtbooks, and!

Today's entry: What is the most romantic thng you've ever experienced or hope to experience?

The winner according to (it picked #1) is.......Shannon!!!! Congratz Shannon!! I will be inboxing Kristine Cheney your name and info please contact her a little later today and collect your prize :)


  1. This book look great. I would love to win it.

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  3. sorry, didnt see the question... The most romantic thing I ever experienced so far would have to me my wedding day. It was on a boat and we took it out on a little 3 hour cruz of the harbor in August of last year. It was the most romantic special day of my life, because I got to marry my best friend..

  4. My husband plays guitar & sings to me

  5. The most romantic thing? Wow this is going to be a hard question to answer considering a) I've never experienced anything romantic so far and b) I'm a sucker for romance. Ok, so if I had to pick one thing it would probably have to be dancing without any music. I just want a guy to grab me and just dance with no music or we can just hum. It's definitely on my romantic list (:


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