Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 4 Prize Zomblog donated by Tanya of All Things Books!!!

Day 4 is going to feature....Zombies!! Tanya of All things books was kind enough to donate 3 print books all about Zombies!! Everywhere you look you see stories of today being the end of the world and the CDC telling us to prepare for a Zombie Apocalypse so it must have been meant to be :) Today's book is going to be Zomblog by TW Brown!

To enter please pop on over to All things books and thank Tanya for her support of All my Book finds at!/allthingsbooks (while your there check out their awesome page) and then answer the question at the bottom!! You can also visit All things books at the following links:
http://speedyreader-allthingsbooks.blogs.../ , , , and :) There is always exciting things going on on All things books be sure to check them out and show some love!!

Today's Question:
What is your take o the Zombie Apocalypse stuff in the news?

The winner according to (it picked #1) is.......Cristina!!!! Congratz Cristina!! I will be inboxing Tanya your name and info please contact her a little later today and collect your prize :)


  1. I think it did exactly what the CDC was hoping for. It brought a lot of attention to being prepared in an emergency. It was fun. Who knew the CDC had imagination and humor? Even my child who is on the autism spectrum is in on it. He has been doing his zombie act and when he rises from the dead he winks and says "arrgh Matey', (Pirate release you know). haha
    I think the book is really cool. Thanks a bunch Tanya!

  2. I have to be honest, I have no idea. Zomblog will be the first Zombie book I've ever read, the first zombie anything really. I'm quite excited!

  3. Well, I'd be totally scared, because of what I've read about zombies is that, THERE ARE NO GOOD ONES....maybe. Have only read about zombies as side characters, so looking forward to reading this books :)


  4. I would be a total disaster, but you know, we humans are a survivors, and whatever situation we live, we are always fighting until we win or we die


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