Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 3 Prize Next Move, You're Dead eBook by Linda Lavonne Barton!!

Day 3 of our giveaway is going to feature Linda Barton and Next Move, You're Dead!!!
To enter please answer the question below in the comments section under this post, and go to Linda's author page at!/LindaBartonBooks and be sure to thankher for her support of All my Book finds (tag us or let me know please), and check out her page at!!/

Somehow the question/task got eatten  by the blog earlier so I had to edit the post.... so now u can have it two ways since it disappeared and you can choose which you wanna pick your favorite of since I have a hard time picking a favorite book no matter what the requiements  lol .....
1.Which do you like better police books or police shows?
2. Which is your favorite police book or show and why?

The winner according to (it picked #7) is.......Leticha!!!! Congratz Leticha!! I will be inboxing Linda your name and info please contact her a little later today and collect your prize :)


  1. Am I missing the question?

  2. question? It seems is M.I.A

  3. Police Book for sure. I love books, will read them over the movie/show any day.

  4. Police shows... I am in love with Bones even though its based on books.. I don't really care for the books :(

  5. Hmm tough question. I suppose Police Shows. I really like Criminal Minds and Bones. Though, I did read all of tge Temperance Brennan series, and I myself really liked the books.

  6. I love both the shows and the books, sometimes the books are better because you can use your own imagination. My favourite show is The Mentalist because it is both sad and funny.

  7. I would say police shows because I love watching tv and the fact that I haven't read many police books before. My cousin recently got me into Law and Order: SVU and I love it! Just the mystery of solving the case is what gets me watching police shows (:


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