Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 5 Prize Elfin Blood PDF by Gracen Miller!!

Day 5 of our giveaway is going to feature Gracen Miller and Elfin Blood!!!
To enter please answer the question below in the comments section under this post and go to Gracen's author page at!/pages/Road-to-Hell-series/112564408814796 to thank her for her amazing support of All my Book finds and her donation to the giveaway. Please try to tag All my Book finds in the post although I will be verifying entries so just let me know if it doesn't work :)  Then check out Gracen's work at, and!!!

Today's question: Do you believe in magic?

The winner according to (it picked #4) is.......Dawn!!!! Congratz Dawn!! I will be inboxing Gracen your name and info please contact her a little later today and collect your prize :)


  1. Yes, i do believe in magic. I think magic is everywhere, in a hug, a kiss, in our hearts, especially on the nature i like to think in that way =)

  2. Let me do I answer?
    I am a Christian and strongly believe in what the Bible teaches. Do I believe in the magic that is in the fiction I love to read? No. But I do believe in the Spiritual things, so yes. Hope I was too confusing there :)

  3. I believe in magic for sure :D I don't believe that there are really supernatural creatures like Vampires and werewolves and Fey....etc. but I do believe there is magic that we can't see or touch, all around us.... though I'm sure some can touch and see it. THANK YOU for the chance to win this! I CAN'T wait to read something by Gracen!

  4. I believe in the magic of true love and am blessed to have found it. I met my husband of 16 years on a blind date on Friday the 13th. If that's not magic I don;t know what is!

  5. Maybe a little i guess it all depends on what kind of day I am having!

  6. Some days. Like Marjie said, it really depends on the mood I am in.


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