Monday, October 6, 2014

Forbidden Fruit (MM) Z Pac Alpha Shifters 3 by Taylor Brooks

Forbidden Fruit (MM) Z Pac Alpha Shifters 3 by Taylor Brooks

Rourke Falco is single, lonely, and has no desire to even look for a mate. When his restlessness starts to take hold of him, he takes time away from the territory he works and live in. His hopes are that he may find some peace in the nearby blissful Unicyn Forest.

Ty Neston is a loner. When he becomes stricken with a problem that feels so good it is nearly painful, he escapes into the forest within the Sergin Valley.

Whether by luck or fate, Ty and Rourke cross paths with one another more than once. Ty is unable to deny his attraction for the Rourke and makes his move. Their uniting might have been fleeting if it hadn't been for a fruit that Ty had brought along the way.

Unrelenting passions and unmistakable lust set the stage for these two as they test the boundaries of species while exploring the depth of their connection.
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